Equilibrium (EQ) is our cryptocurrency which can be obtained in the games and outside to create a real player driven economy. With the token you will be able to buy NFTs like cosmetic items, ownership of lands and other services in games and outside. 

It runs on the XRP Ledger which is fast and cheap. Equilibrium is and will be used on all games developed by Equilibrium Games and partners.


Learn about our different games with Blockchain and NFT integration. 


Discover the vast areas of World of Equilibrium (WoE)

World of Equilibrium (WoE)

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We are here to  combine Cryptocurrency and Gaming 

Combining the $200 Billion gaming sector with the expanding Blockchain industry. Building an amazing game with Cryptocurrency as the normal game currency and NFT’s.

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Equilibrium is available on these exchanges



EQ/XRP (requires Trustline)

XRP Toolkit

EQ/XRP (requires Trustline)

More coming soon

Here to build the next big MMO with Crypto


2nd biggest Project on the XRP Ledger

> 50k Trustlines

Minus Wells

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Kenan R:


The game is developed on Unreal Engine.

80% is being given to the community and 20% is reserved for the server to be earnable in the game

We are using Unreal Engine and Quixel Megascans to develop our games which provides us with many assets in high resolution and one of the best if not the best Engine for game development


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